Sarah’s Inflated Egos

Sarah Palin self advertises as the every-woman hockey mom who’s just like you (or your wife/girlfriend/sister if you’re one of us dude types).  And just like a typical woman, give her a few million dollars and the next thing you know she’s having a little work done.  Wonkette reports that all of sudden Sarah seems to be filling out her blouse a bit more.  There’s no official admission of anything, so this is all just rumor and speculation.  But the girls over there have done an extensive analysis, and in my experience, nobody pays more attention to other women’s breasts than women.  So they should know.

Sarah's Inflation

Not that there’s anything wrong with a little self-indulgence now and again, and no one is suggesting the McCain campaign paid for them or anything.  I just find it a little comical that a morally righteous maternal role model who believes the end times are near is thinking she needs to be racked for the rapture.  Just curious… when you get your halo and wings, do you get to keep the fake boobs?

One thought on “Sarah’s Inflated Egos

  1. I have no problem w/Sarah Palin making a living, implanting fake tits, whatever. She’s just such a fucking eejit!

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