Father & Son Projects

It’s Father’s Day, so happy day to all you dads out there.  And nothing says Father’s Day like time spent with your son.  And some father & son teams do it a little better than others.  Take for example this guy, who worked with his dad to build a Stargate in his backyard.


Granted, it’s all plywood and paint and a little Photoshop effect to get the puddle, but the inner ring really turns and the symbols are all hand carved.  Give this team a little Naqahdah and we’ll be traveling the galaxy by Tuesday.

My dad never helped me build an inter-dimensional transport device.  Okay sure, he helped me pretty much build a car when I was a teen, and he taught me all kinds of trade skills and stuff, but I never got a Stargate.  Wah!

Thanks Dad. No, seriously… thank you.

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