Pi R Strange

My baby and I tend to have somewhat differing tastes in our online venues.  She’s usually reading the NY Times, cruising Toby Keith’s fan page, or shopping, while I tend to be lurking on Engadget, Digg, or Monsterpiece Theater.

But finally, someone has created a site with something for both of us.  Nimoysunsetpie is a site inexplicably devoted to the juxtaposition of Spock and pie.

Spock & Pie

It’s a bit perplexing.  It’s mostly just a collection of bad Photoshop jobs of Mr. Spock and all manner of desserty goodness rolled into one.  The site appeals to my inner geek and makes me hungry all at the same time.  I don’t really recall that Spock had any particular affinity for pie.  But I’m sure he’d agree with Kim that it is the logical way to get your daily servings of fruit.

On a possibly related side note, my mother has been cleaning out her basement.  This past weekend she returned to me my Spock action figure from my childhood.  He’s now perched on the corner of my desk looking sternly at me as I write this. However, I have no pie.  I do have Photoshop though…

On an additionally related side note, Kim has now added Spock to the growing list of geek detritus that I’ll be free to display behind the closed door to my office/man-cave once we live happily ever after together.

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