Man, I Feel Like a Woman

ShaniaThe science may be sound, but the sociological implications are frightening.  British and German scientists have discovered that using a nasal spray containing the hormone oxytocin on a man will turn him into an empathetic bloke who temporarily exhibits the emotional  sensitivity levels typically only found in women.

Oxytocin, the so-called “cuddle hormone”, is naturally made in the body and involved in sex, sexual attraction, trust and confidence.  It is released into the blood during labor where it triggers the production of breast milk and floods the brain during breastfeeding, helping mother and baby bond.  It is also released during orgasm in both sexes fostering pair bonding and post coitus snuggling… which is when Mother Nature intended snuggling to occur, so stop messing with the natural order of things!

The nasal spray is apparently available over the Internet, so in theory, women could spike their macho mates whenever they wanted a little girl-talk time, a good group cry, or if they were just in the mood to nuzzle and huddle all night long.

But I have a better idea.  If your guy is way too macho for your tastes, get a different one.  If all guys are too macho for you, consider that you might be a lesbian.  And if every now and again you just really need the company of a woman, buy your guy a six-pack, sit him in the recliner, hand him the remote, and go meet one of your girlfriends.  He’ll be right where you left him when you get back.

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