CSI Moscow

Russian CopA three year veteran of the Moscow Police Force was found dead behind a locked door in the Court Security Facility where he was stationed.  The 23-year old suffered a gunshot wound to the head from his own weapon.

The crack investigative team considered all the evidence.  He was the only one in the room.  The door was locked.  There were no other fingerprints on the weapon.  He left no note, and had no history of mental problems.  He seemed in good spirits earlier that day.

There was only one conclusion to be reached.  He was scratching his nose with his gun when it discharged and accidentally killed him.  Wait… What? Seriously.

I hope this was just some attempt to be sure the poor guy’s family wasn’t denied their insurance benefits by ruling this a suicide.  Otherwise his family has to live with the reality that this young man was a flaming idiot rather than being silently despondent and in need of help.  Geeze…

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