High Tech Pizza

Green Pizza BoxIt’s hard to imagine how to improve pizza.  It’s already the ultimate pan-food group dish.  It’s a comfort food.  It’s a dinner.  It’s a late night snack.  It’s breakfast.  You can eat it with your hands, or you can use a knife and fork.  It comes in a thousand varieties: different toppings, different crusts, different sauces.  It’s ubiquitous.

But the box has been… well… just a box since the dawn of pizza.  So since the pizza is already perfect, there’s nothing to do but give the box a makeover.  Introducing, the Green Pizza Box.  Oh sure, the box itself is recyclable, but that’s no big achievement.  What’s cool about this box is that the top separates into four “plates” you can use instead of paper plates or dishes that would need to be washed.  Then when you’re done, the bottom of the box is refoldable into a smaller container to store your leftovers in.  This is a serious cradle to grave container.  Given that you’re going to get the pie in a box anyway, it only makes sense to get the most out of it.

Hmmm… I have the munchies now.

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