Behold the Power of the Potato

PotatoHappy St. Patrick’s Day!  And in honor of my Irish heritage, I’d like you to consider the potato.  I know, it might be more appropriate to talk about beer, but frankly I do enough of that on here without the need for a holiday to bring it to mind.

Now it’s tempting to talk about eating the mighty and tasty spud, but my son Doug has a pathological aversion to taters as food—unless they are french fried, and there’s nothing too Irish about that.  Then again, the Irish are prone to boiling them, which may be traditional, but isn’t all that interesting either.

Fortunately, potatoes have another use you probably aren’t aware of.  They can be used to keep fog from forming on your windshield.  You just cut open a clean one and rub the face liberally over the inside of the glass.  Who knew?  The WikiHow site does caution though that the film may attract insects.  So you have to really ask yourself if waiting a few minutes for the defogger to clear the window is worse than having a car full of spud-hungry critters.

I know personally that every now and again I have the urge to smear my windshield with vegetables, but usually I just go back inside and have a beer until the feeling passes.

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