Office Warfare

Assuming you work in a hostile work environment, here are a couple of must have products for protecting yourself from preying colleagues.

First up is the anti-theft lunch bag. These sandwich bags come pre-printed with green mold stains on each side to make your lunch look like an unappealing score for any would be fridge raiders. Meanwhile, your sandwich stays fresh and edible on the inside. Assuming, of course, that the sight alone doesn’t put you off your own lunch.

And should you fear that when you’re not in your office someone’s filching your coffee mug and leaving Cooties on it, then you need the Plug Mug. When you’re not in the office, simply pull the plug and clip it to your keyring. Oh I suppose you could still worry about what your your so-called friends are doing to your mug in your absence now that they can plainly see you don’t trust them one iota. But that’s being a little paranoid on your part, don’t you think?

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