Driving the Zamboni

Admit it. You’ve always fantasized about driving the Zamboni at the ice rink. Sure, it’d be great to take a spin between periods at the Stanley Cup, but you’d settle for duty after open skate. It just looks like fun.

Well now you can have all that fun right at your desk. That’s right. Introducing the Desk Zamboni. A mini vacuum to clean up all the eraser dust and muffin crumbs that have accumulated over the course of the morning. Don’t worry, the guy in the next cube will think it’s so cool he won’t even mind the high pitched whine of the tiny motor. He’ll likely even pop over to tell you just how much he admires your new tool.

It seems to me that there’s another market opportunity here though. What if you made a Roomba look like a Zamboni? Maybe set it up so there’s a cat-sized seat on top. Imagine watching Fluffy ride around doing the “housework.” Not that any self-respecting cat would be caught dead looking useful. But hey, it’s fun to let your mind wander now and again…

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