ATTN: Jennifer and Tyler

With two prom-eligible kids in the extended household, each of whom needs every penny in scholarships they can scrounge, and each with a creative design talent, I issue a challenge. Actually, Duck brand duct tape is issuing the challenge.

The contest is called Stuck at Prom, and it simply involves putting together his and hers prom outfits made mostly of duct tape and being creative enough to be voted best dressed on their website. There are 20 winners getting scholarships of between $500 and $3000 dollars. (And trust me kids, that’s money you need!)

And don’t be thinking that duct tape is all gray and boring. There are lots of colors you can use to create your hot couture. Just check out these entries from previous years.

So start thinking now and get those designs going. Besides, how fun would it be to show up in duct tape? And as a bonus, you’d make Dad (or Step-Dad2B) very proud.

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