2009 Darwin Award

Posthumous congratulations are in order for a pair of Belgian would-be bank robbers, winners of the 2009 Darwin Award. The Darwin award is given every year to the person or persons who contribute the most to the gene pool by removing themselves from it.

The winners’ feat was achieved while trying to crack open a cash machine with explosives, with which they had no apparent experience or expertise. Their liberal application of the exothermic compound leveled the entire bank building, and blew the pair clean out of the gene pool in the process. It seems that moderation is a policy not only a applicable when eating bacon.

Second prize went to a gentleman who was stuck in traffic with a Big Gulp and a small shy bladder. Needing a bit of privacy to relieve himself, he left the car and hopped over the concrete wall at the edge of the highway. Only milliseconds later did it become apparent that he was on a bridge. There was no word on whether he peed himself during the 65′ fall to his death, but I’m guessing yes.

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