The Sequel I Really Want to See

Kim is annoyingly correct in that I haven’t given the Twilight series a fair shake. I’ve not read the books, I’ve not seen the movies, and I cop an attitude about the whole she-bang just based on its teen-girl appeal. Any movie that attracts throngs of swooning teeny-boppers (and their moms) just somehow doesn’t seem to fit in a genre with the likes of Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney Jr. I like movies with all manner of creatures. I’ve enjoyed countless vampire and werewolf flicks. But it seems vampire flicks should somehow qualify as horror movies like Dracula, or at least action-adventures like Van Helsing. They should simply not be found in the store next to the Miley Cyrus DVDs.

To that end, I share a photo from a would-be Twilight sequel I probably would pay to see:

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