Blood Powered Tats

This is either the freakiest or coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time. It’s an implantable subcutaneous display. Essentially it’s a digital tattoo that would be placed beneath your skin. And the freaky part? It’s powered by your blood. It actually uses the glucose in your blood to generate electricity! I’m somewhat relieved that this is only a concept at this point, but the applications of this are enormous and frightening.

This display could be your mobile phone display, but on your arm. Or it could be a configurable tattoo, such that your tat could match your outfit or your mood. But this could be taken to a larger scale with social and ethical implications. Could I sell ad space on my body? If I walk down the street without a shirt and the big display in my back is showing a movie I purchased, is that a public showing and hence illegal? And if this thing really burns blood sugar, could this energy drain be used to manage your diabetes or even your weight? What if it metabolized alcohol rather than sugar. Could it be used to keep people from getting above a certain BAC level?

The mind boggles…

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