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Marketing people are insane. As evidence, I submit this job posting from Procter & Gamble who’s Charmin toilet paper brand is looking for “bathroom bloggers.”

The five “Charmin Embassadors” will work in the Charmin Restrooms in Times Square from Nov. 23 to Dec. 31. Job requirements include interacting with hundreds of thousands of bathroom guests, maintaining their own blogs and content on Charmin-branded Web sites and popular social media sites, and sharing family-friendly video from the restroom space and surrounding areas.

First Mr. Whipple. Then the cartoon bears in the woods. And now they want us to “Enjoy the go”. Note, this is the actual slogan for this campaign and the name of the website: Enjoy the Go. Who knows, maybe this will catch on. Perhaps the next time you’re headed to the office rest room, one of your coworkers will encourage you to “enjoy the go”.

I can sense a new policy memo coming from Human Resources now…

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