Hold on to Yer Butts

In case you don’t look goofy enough riding a Segway, Honda has introduced a self-balancing unicycle of sorts. It’s kinda clever with its fold-out seat and foot rests. In theory you could ride it to work, then carry to your office and stuff it under your desk.

Or in my case, I could just ride it in from the parking lot, which inexplicably seems to get further from the office door every day. I wonder how it handles curbs and winter sidewalk salt?

All of this assuming of course, that your self-esteem quotient is so high that you’d be willing to be seen tooling down the sidewalk with a hand on either butt cheek while precariously perched atop what appears to be a Sesame Street announcement that today is brought to you by the number “8”.

Video of this bad boy in action is available here.

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