Can Men be Taking to Eyebrow-grooming?

Please, please, please… let the answer be no… crap. It seems that at least in Britain, men are spending actual time and money having their eyebrows threaded. And no, I didn’t know what that meant either, but the article describes it as:

…a treatment called “threading,” an ancient method of hair removal which originated in India in which a thin twine of cotton thread is rolled over the offending area, plucking the hair from the follicle level.

What fun! Seriously, to anyone who’s undergoing this procedure, isn’t there a football match on somewhere or an empty pub stool you should be sitting on?

Sara Stern, Director of Cosmetic Merchandising at Debenhams department store stated, “Men are recognizing the power of a groomed brow to frame the face and create a sexy James Bond-style arch when raised.”

On the flip side, I recognize that my furry unibrow isn’t maybe my best look. But 8 seconds a week with scissors or a beard trimmer keeps that in check just fine. I’m also smart enough to realize that no girl on the planet will mistake me for Sean Connery if only I had his eyebrows.

To any men of the male persuasion out there thinking that this seems like a good way to up your metrosexual cred, I have this advice. Grow a pair… (of eyebrows).

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