Good Morning Mr. Lard-Butt

Technology is not always a good thing. Withings has announced the availability of a bathroom scale with a Wi-Fi connection. It comes complete with a web-based and iPhone app that will track your body mass over time. Just to be annoying, the scale is guaranteed accurate to within 100 grams (about 1/5 of a pound). Lucky you.

This product eliminates all that inventive rationalization in the bathroom in the morning. “But I had a big glass of water before bed.” -or- “At least it’s a pound less than yesterday” -or- “This scale is never accurate on a weekend.” This is a shame as those sessions really get your creative juices flowing at the start of your day. Now you’ll just be encumbered with all that hard data. How boring…

Further, it ushers in an era where the scale will talk to your Wi-Fi Toaster who will admonish you to step slowly away from the bagel, and remind you that the refrigerator has a nice fruit cup waiting for you. Yum.

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