Death Watch

What do you do 30 times a day? If you’re job is to watch over President Obama, you investigate a death threat 30 times a day. Seriously. This exceeds a threat every hour. Now granted, every threat is not a guy on the White House lawn with an automatic weapon. Most of them turn out to be nothing. But the reality is that this is a 4-fold increase over threats G.W. faced. Meaning that Bush still fielded around 8 threats a day, which is pretty incredible, but it’s the increase that is disturbing.

For a country completely enamored with its own over-inflated sense of patriotism, how could we possibly tolerate the notion of eliminating our own President? You may not agree with him. You may want him removed from office, or at least not reelected. But to actively plan his demise?

Yet somehow I suspect (and this is just speculation), that most of the people making these death threats somehow believe they are saving the country. That this is somehow a patriotic effort on their part. Just like our forefathers’ envisioned it and codified it in the Constitution, democratic regime change through murder.

Then again… what if Obama is the Antichrist? Can we risk it? Fer cryin’ in yer beer…

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