Dawn of a New Era

My eldest son got his driving learner’s permit this week. I’ve actually been looking forward to this, but that doesn’t mean the whole experience lacks for a sense of trepidation.

He’s really doing quite well for the few times that he’s been out on the road so far. And somewhat comfortingly, actually has a sense of his own limitations. If I was worried about anything, it was that his experience driving boats and Grandpa’s golf-cart like “Frog” vehicle, combined with his mad skills on the Playstation were going to translate into an unwarranted confidence that he already knew everything he needed to know. But he seems patient and attentive and eager to learn. And he learns quickly.

All of which means that my sense of trepidation is mostly about me. Am I teaching things in the right order? Did I forget something? Am I lecturing? Am I pushing him out of his comfort zone? Man it’s weird to be sitting right of him in the car. So I keep counseling myself. Relax. Deep breath… all things in time.

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