Birther Blather

This just won’t stop. Now the so-called birther movement has come up with a Kenyan birth certificate for Barack Obama. Despite all the concerns claiming the legitimate Hawaiian certificate is a forgery, there is apparently no problem accepting this obvious forgery as real.

Among other problems, Kenya was a Dominion, not a Republic at the time of Obama’s birth. For a larger list, look here. This should all just be good fun. It should be like listening to the rants of the Flat Earth Society. But these lunatics keep making the news, and even our Congressmen are reluctant to call this hogwash.

I rather agree with Obama at this point. Addressing these ludicrous accusations would only lend them credibility. Further, there is clearly no amount of evidence that the birthers will accept as proof. This is long past being any sort of rational or logical claim. The only thing that will make a difference now is if we all start pointing at them and laughing.

I’m already there…

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