The World According to Beck

I was driving my father’s truck again yesterday, which was a huge help as mine was still recovering from multiple joint failures. However, once again I left the AM talk radio station tuned in. I was listening to Glenn Beck for awhile. Yet unlike some of the other guys he really doesn’t get me all jacked up. He’s so freakin’ loony that you just sort of smile that smile you give to the innocent and naive, except it doesn’t come with any urge to hug him.

I learned several things about Beck’s beliefs during my short drive to the school to pick up my son:

  • Glenn believes Obama is a despotic fascist bent on turning the U.S. into a socialist state. (Because as history teaches us, universal health care is high on any despot’s To-Do list.)
  • Glenn is a firm supporter of our Constitution, except those parts that infringe on personal freedoms, like income tax and the Federal Reserve bank. (My kids don’t take AP U.S. History until next year, so they probably haven’t studied the Constitution’s income tax amendment yet.)
  • Glenn is opposed to slavery. (Careful, don’t get too far out on that limb!)
  • Glenn feels marriage is the building block of the universe, and same-sex marriage will destroy that. (So apparently sexuality and marriage do not fall under the “personal freedoms” he holds so dear, or perhaps it is that personal freedoms have to give way to issues that will destroy the very fabric of existence, like gay marriage. I guess wasn’t paying close attention as there were two squirrels frolicking round the tree trunk while I waited for the light. But don’t worry, I’m sure it was a boy squirrel and a girl squirrel.)

Fortunately it was just a short trip. I’m not sure how much more edumacation I could take.

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