Tweet If You’re a Moron

Dr. George Tiller was murdered in a church on Sunday. That event by itself should be horrifying, irrespective of who Dr. Tiller was. Regardless of the reality that he openly and legally performed late-term abortions. Perhaps the man’s actions were unconscionable to you, but that never justifies murder in cold blood. To their credit, most Pro-Life organizations have come out and said pretty much just that.

But to get a different pulse of the reaction to this crime, John Pettitt over at CarnalNation searched Twitter Sunday night for comments relating to the murder. You can read some of the most shocking tweets on his site. What’s interesting is that many are tagged to actual names of tweeters. These are not anonymous rants, but quotes that will follow these people around for their grandchildren to search and find. How proud they will be.

I think the one that really got me was “jeremyawhitman” who twittered:

Guy shoots a Dr. to death in Church. Me I’m willing to bet that Jesus was his co-pilot.

Yeah, that’s probably about right. After letting the man practice for decades, the omnipotent Jesus finally decides to call in Tiller’s marker by having another man shoot him in church. Another man who likely will spend the rest of his life in jail for “doing God’s will.”

Jeremy, your Tweet makes you a twit.

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