Texting Queen

No I’m not talking about Lauren, although her prowess at texting is formidable, and she might one day be a contender for this competition.

Rather, 15-year old Kate Moore is the Texting Queen. A title earned in a competition similar to the old typing contests where speed and accuracy count. With a twist, apparently they throw distractions at you. Like a guy dressed as en emoticon talking trash, or one part where you had to text blindfolded. There were 250,000 people (and I’m guessing 249, 963 were girls) entered in this competition. Said typical teen Kate afterward when recalling the ordeal, “OMG, I thought I was gonna die!!”

Of course she did. On the plus side, there was a $50,000 prize for first, which I guess could be considered a “texting scholarship” of sorts. So keep up the hard work Lauren!

One thought on “Texting Queen

  1. Geez… I'll have to stop telling her to put the phone down now. $50K is a lot for something she so loves to do (:-)

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