But Officer, It Wasn’t Like I Was Texting!

Here’s an interesting tidbit. A Car & Driver study wanted to see just how bad texting was for your reaction time in a real car (not a simulator). It turns out… pretty damn bad.

While younger drivers (who are presumably more skilled texters) fared better than us middle-aged folks, all drivers were significantly worse off texting than drinking. Even when driving well past the legal intoxication limit.

So maybe the DJ from last week who was sort of encouraging folks to have another for the road and drive home was on to something after all. If you’ve had a drink or two, most people will sit up extra straight in the seat and glue their eyes to the road for fear of getting a DWI. No danger of texting there. But who among us hasn’t at least tried to read a quick incoming text while driving home from work stone sober? It seems we’d be safer stopping off for a couple of pops on the way. Hmmmm…

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