The Passing of Hope

On Tuesday, I was in Washington D.C. in the company of five lawyers, any one of whom bills out hourly at far more than I make in a day. So I was not one to put up a fuss when they offered to buy dinner. Although, they are probably billing us for that time as well. Anyway, we were sitting in a trendy Chinese fusion restaurant on Pennsylvania Ave. when police shut down the road so a long black motorcade could head up to the Capitol building for the Obama speech.

Now as I understand these things, there are often decoy convoys, and the straight line being the obvious route means that this was likely a decoy. Unless that’s what they wanted the terrorists to think, in which case maybe it was the real deal. Unless they were counting on the terrorists thinking that they would think that, in which case this was a decoy.

Oh hell, who knows? The upshot is that there is a reasonable probability that I glanced a look at the outside of a vehicle that the President may have been in. I was in the proximity of hope. Ironically, I was likely the only one at the table who makes less than Obama, so perhaps I was hoping a little harder than the rest of them.

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