Stinky and Hungry

I spent a lovely time in Niagara Falls last weekend with Kim where we laughed at a comedy club, listened to a cover band (who to Kim’s disappointment didn’t know any Rush songs), and lost a small requisite sum to the casino. A nice getaway all-in-all.

However, I was a little surprised when I checked my credit card mid-week and found an extra charge from the hotel that I couldn’t explain. I called and they politely explained this was a mini-bar charge for the deodorant and Gummi Bears we used. I laughed, being pretty certain that no one had woken up particularly stinky and hungry and assured them these charges were wrong. They didn’t blink, and agreed to credit me explaining that sometimes these mistakes happen. Okay… no harm, no foul.

But then today, I discovered this. Apparently in nearby Buffalo, a man was found traveling without a ticket on Metro Rail. Upon investigation, police discovered 44 stolen containers of deodorant stuffed down his pants. This explains so much. I’m guessing he must have eaten our Gummi Bears already.

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