Honey, I’m Just Stopping for Coffee

Ordinarily, you’d think your lady might be relieved that your habit of sloshing beer with the boys after work had been replaced with a quick stop for a sedate cup of coffee at the end of the day. It might even be seen as a sign of maturity. This would be true, unless you live in the sleepy little town of Vassalboro, Maine. Apparently, a local businessman has plans to open a topless coffee shop there. Minimally, this gives new meaning to the question, “Cream & sugar?”

And maybe as a sign that I’m getting old myself, what I’m curious about is how one staffs a topless coffee shop in a small town. It would be one thing to work at a topless joint in a city and then kind of blend back in to urban anonymity at the end of the day. But in a small town, everyone knows your name. Your patrons will be the guy who taught you 7th grade history, the plumber who was at your parents’ house last week, and the shelf stocker at the Quickie-mart. That has to be more than a little odd.

On a related note, comes news that the economy is heavily impacting the bigger boob business. Apparently food, clothing, and shelter take priority over Double D’s. I wonder if the coffee shop guy figured that into his business plan?

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