It’s All in the Rationalization

Laziness is underrated. On the morning of Christmas Eve I was on the way to pick my son up from practice. The weather was rapidly warming, and the roads and driveways that hadn’t previously been scraped were rapidly turning into a slushy mess. I passed a half-dozen guys toiling in their driveways, heaving the soup into their snowy lawns. And then I passed a rather square gentleman who had to weigh in at a good 400 lbs. He was walking up and down his driveway, ankle deep in slush, sprinkling salt from a big bag as if he were feeding chickens. It’s not clear he was having much of an impact on the driveway as it was already over 40 degrees out, but I’m sure he went back in and plopped his butt on his (steel reinforced) couch with the same sense of accomplishment and satisfaction as the guys with the shovels.

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