Excuse Me, I’ve Got Gas

Maybe it’s just a way to counter the financial doom and gloom that oozes from the 24-hour news channels. Maybe it’s just me. But I can’t seem to stop buying gas. As the price rapidly plummets toward $2/gallon, I find I’m pulling in just to top off the tank. It’s just cool to buy gas that cheap, especially when it was more than double that cost just a few months ago. Besides, it takes my mind off of my 401k. And since the gas is so cheap, I pick up a couple of lottery tickets while I’m there. Despite all the rationality I might muster, this is beginning to seem like the best option for footing the imminent college tuition bills.

So it would seem that not only is the economy in crisis… so is my common sense. But should I happen to win $128M later tonight, blogging will be light for a while.

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