The Not So Secret Service

The Secret Service has a long tradition of nicknaming its charges. It does beg the question of how the names are determined. Do the people get a choice? Is there a vote? Is there some guy who’s job it is to name all the folks? It makes you wonder. Further, while it makes sense to release these names after the fact, it would seem that it kind of defeats the purpose of the code names if they are published while still in use. Presumably the bad guys don’t subscribe to the Chicago Tribune? But still, I thought the list was interesting. Some of the more interesting monikers:

Barack Obama: Renegade (I guess “Maverick” was already taken?)

Michelle Obama: Renaissance

Malia Obama: Radiance

Sasha Obama: Rosebud

Joe Biden: Celtic (Because “pasty white guy” was too many syllables)

Jill Biden: Capri

George W. Bush: Tumbler (Seems more appropriate for Gerald Ford)

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