Blog Updates

There have been a few cosmetic changes to the blog of late. You may have also noticed a new picture viewer at the top of the right column. I was getting bored with having the same ones there all the time. Maybe I’ll even change them now and again.

You’ll also notice some new permanent links under the comments policy. The old Tim’s Time essays are there as this is now the main page of the whole site. So everything there is, you can get to from here. It seemed to make sense as it’s about the only new content I bother to create anymore. There are also links to Kim’s blog and Tyler’s website.

Tyler has recently put his site up using techniques he’s been learning at school. It uses HTML, Flash, and CSS, and was all hand built by him. He’s taking Java now, so maybe we’ll see some more coolness soon. The content itself is also pretty creative if you’re into Zoids or Star Wars. There are several original ship designs (including drawings), characters, and other goodies. Check it out.

If anybody notices any uglies I introduced or things that don’t work in certain browsers, please let me know. Also, I think the image viewer is pretty tight and shouldn’t cause performance problems, but if you think it’s a pig, let me know that as well.

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