Awaiting the Phoenix

Jane Devin opines that the Christian Right killed the GOP. I think her analysis is pretty accurate and reflects the path to the sad state the party finds itself in today where fear is about the only thing left it has to offer. But I hope it’s only badly wounded, not dead. You see, I’m already fearing that the Democrats, with a President and filibuster-proof Congressional majority will quickly spin into the same hole of corruption and power madness that befell the GOP under Bush. We need a balance to the Democrats, but the current GOP is not usefully that.

This is why it is so important that the GOP go up in flames next week. If they only lose the Presidency, they’ll pin that on McCain. They need to loose wide and far. Only with that scorching will they have an opportunity to return to their fiscally conservative pre-Reagan roots and rise from the ashes. And then there’s the matter of earning back our trust… but one step at a time.

2 thoughts on “Awaiting the Phoenix

  1. Well, you may have gotten at least one part of your wish. They must realize that their party needs help, as they’ve already called a meeting for November 6th of party leaders to determine what direction the party should take… with or without a win by McCain. I think that even if he were to pull out a win, there is so much in-fighting in the party, that at least they’ll start to wrestle with who/what they really want to be “when they grow up”. And I mean that last part literally. All of them need a good spanking just like little kids, because that is how they have been acting in this election… mostly in the last month. They’ve gone way too far this time and I can only hope that the voting block realizes it too.

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