Palin Photo Timeline – Time to Rest the Rumor Mill

Okay, I’m becoming more convinced that baby Trig really is Sarah Palin’s child. Look at the following photos. They require you to accept that Palin was not visibly pregnant until around 7 months, which coincides with when she actually did announce she was pregnant.

Here’s Palin on Feb. 6th, near the end of her second trimester. Note the very skinny hands and unswollen fingers.

Here she is on March 14th, a week after she announced her pregnancy, and a month before the birth.

And finally, here she is on April 13th, just days before attending the Texas RGA luncheon and going into labor.

On April 18th, she gave birth to a 1 month premature Trig Palin, who weighed in at 6 pounds and change. There’s no reason to suspect any of the photos are fakes, and the time line seems consistent. Still, it’s unusual for a woman to wait 7 months to announce a pregnancy, especially one in the public eye. It’s unusual for a woman to show less on her fifth pregnancy than on her first (see below).

It’s unusual for a 5th pregnancy to be leisurely enough to travel thousands of miles to a hospital. (But apparently it’s not unusual for Palin to gestate for only 8 months, since her son Track was born just 8 months after she eloped. ) It’s also curious that the flight crew on Palin’s return trip from Texas noted, “…her stage of pregnancy was not apparent by observation as she didn’t show any signs of distress.” But maybe they meant that she just didn’t seem to be in labor, and by all accounts, she’s a pretty tough cookie. Tough enough, in fact, to return to work 3 days after giving birth.

While many of the circumstances seem fantastically unlikely, they are not impossible. And the only “evidence” supporting the claim that Trig is not Sarah’s are those same fantastic circumstances. Therefore, I’m choosing to accept that the official story is the truth. And I will continue to assert that her daughter Bristol’s pregnancy is of no importance. Yet even so, the official story should give conservatives pause with regard to the judgement she exhibited and where the priority of politics relative to her family seem be based on her actions. Curiously, this should resonate loudest with the Christian Right. Yet they are the one group that seems to think Palin was a great pick for VP. Time will tell.

2 thoughts on “Palin Photo Timeline – Time to Rest the Rumor Mill

  1. That’s because she verbally “stands for” everything they want her to stand for… period. Their agenda will at least try to get advanced.

  2. We are all talking about how we should leave the kids of this mess out of the public eye and let them be private.

    Oops wait… news just in… they flew the babies father out to introduce him to the world in no other than the RNC tonight. That must be what they mean about keeping them out of it. Who’s making this “not private” now.

    Geez… how stupid do they think we all are. And his myspace has great language for the values world too. The “F word” (and I don’t mean Fox news) is used an awful lot. Now… lots of teens on myspace use that kind of language, but you’d think the campaign would have put his myspace on private, way before their announcement that this values based family was going to marry him. I didn’t realize that the Christian Right was so pro-teenage marriage… after all, we’re also learning that they were planning on being married before she got pregnant. And, they have both dropped out of school. That doesn’t seem to be taking all the responsibility for this that they should. Shouldn’t they finish school even if they are pregnant. How will they take care of this baby if both kids don’t even have a high school education.

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