If Only the Dumb Were Dumb…

But they aren’t dumb. They have voices, and they take them to school board meetings. The residents of Brunswick County, North Carolina must be so proud that their school board is investigating whether or not to teach Creationism as an alternative to evolution. It’s tempting to yet again eviscerate the underlying case for Creationism as a scientific theory like a disoriented moose wandering through the Palin’s backyard, but the scary part of this story goes beyond the narrow scope of teaching mythology as science.

Key quote:

“I wasn’t here 2 million years ago,” Fanti said. “If evolution is so slow, why don’t we see anything evolving now?”

Is this really the bar to set for appropriate educational topics? Let’s not teach anything the community hasn’t observed first hand. After all, I can’t count to a billion. How do we really know numbers go that high?

Mr. Fanti also wasn’t here 2 thousand years ago. If Christian mythology is so real, why don’t we see any miracles happening now?

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  1. For fun I cross posted this to the comments section of the newspaper that published the article. It is generating some interesting dialog. The discussion is here. I am posting as “klaatu”.

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