I’m My Son’s Grandma

This hasn’t hit the mainstream media yet, but the news/rumor is all over the Internets that GOP VP nominee Sarah Palin’s infant Down’s Syndrome child may, in fact, be her teenage daughter’s kid. Now, the evidence is still circumstantial, but it’s damn compelling. The trouble is, either way, she’s politically toasted based on the facts. Either she’s committed fraud by claiming the kid as her own (there’s a birth certificate with her listed as the mother) and lied about the situation to everyone (hardly consistent with Christian values), or she exhibited really poor judgment flying 13 hours from Texas to Alaska while in labor with her fifth child (not too consistent with her pro-life Chistian values either).

And the real loser in all this is McCain. He made a “maverick” decision and went with an unknown who had not been properly vetted. He’s running on the premise that he has the experience and superior judgement to make good decisions. Regardless of how the Palin pregnancy pans out, he’s made a bad decision, and clearly not one he consulted his advisors on. Is this what we want? Another President who follows his gut regardless of data and without the counsel of his advisors? Isn’t eight years of this enough?

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