Buy a Camera – Date an Actress

Kodak has announced a program in India where 10 lucky customers who purchase digital cameras will win a date with Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif. Presumably not a lot of women in India buy cameras? Or married men? Or maybe the culture is more progressive than I think, and a woman customer would simply pass the date on to her boyfriend or husband. Although personally I’m pretty sure that if my Beauty were to win such a contest, she would not invite me to go out on a date with any hot actresses… or lukewarm actresses… or breathing ones for that matter.

This seems an odd promotion by a company who’s internal policies warn against any remotely sexual context to any situation. An employee could be cited for having a picture of Katrina Kaif displayed in his office. But giving away her company as a prize… no problem.

Further, this is the country that burned Richard Gere in effigy after he kissed a different Bollywood actress on stage. So I guess this means that the lucky winner may get a free meal, but he shouldn’t count on a kiss goodnight.

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