Holy (Jersey) Cow!

Let’s sum up the history of the Red Sox Jersey buried and resurrected from the new Yankee Stadium:

  • Damn Funny – Burying the Jersey in two feet of cement in order to hex the Yankees.
  • Unnecessary Paranoia – paying to dig the thing back up.
  • Not Surprising – putting the Jersey up for auction.
  • Pretty Classy – offering all the proceeds from the auction to charity.
  • Damn Classy – denoting that charity as the Red Sox’s official charity that is affiliated with Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.
  • Proving you have too much Money and your Kids are Spoiled Brats – paying $175,000 for the Jersey because, “I have three young boys that I take to the games and they would have killed me if I didn’t buy the shirt.”

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