Does This Mirror Make My Butt Look Big?

Every home should have one of these. While women are the more direct beneficiary of a mirror that allows them to view themselves from any angle without being a contortionist, let’s not underestimate the value to guys who no longer have to answer one of the most dreaded questions in guy-dom, “Does this make my butt look big?” Now women can see for themselves that they look “fine.” Of course, they won’t believe that anyway as they’ll still be rationalizing that the M&M they splurged on last week has somehow gone directly to the ripple in their left butt cheek. But it will be significant progress if they agonize about this by themselves upstairs rather than standing in front of the TV and asking us.

One thought on “Does This Mirror Make My Butt Look Big?

  1. While I’m sure you’re glad that I don’t put you thru the torture of this particular question, it does seem odd to me that stores would put these mirrors in when selling clothing is their goal. If every woman finds fault with how they look, why would stores want to use this so that we can find fault BEFORE we actually purchase items. You’d think they’d want us to purchase items without really knowing how they look from all those angles… then get them out of the store to go home and torture our significant others with the questions.

    But, perhaps this is why I’m not a marketing person…


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