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Several readers have asked why I haven’t implemented a comments policy sooner. I’ve been taking this one step at a time. I didn’t require the scramble word verification until we started getting spam posts. And I didn’t enable comment moderation until we started getting abusive posts. Arguably I’ve let this one go longer than I should have, especially considering that there are kids that read this. But it’s time. It’s not fair to have a few people (ok, mostly one) change the tenor of the site.

I won’t go back and remove previous comments which had been allowed, but from this point forward the policy below will be enforced for all comments. (The policy now also appears in the pane at the right of each blog page.) This policy is consistent with many other commercial and private blogs. My expectation is that this will be no impact to most of you. The only difference you will see is that comments will not post immediately, but should generally post sometime that day. Comments will never be edited for content. If they don’t meet the policy they will simply be deleted.

Comments Policy — Comments will never be censored based on political or ideological point of view. However, comments will be deleted that are abusive, off-topic, use excessive foul language, or include ad hominem attacks. Comments are pre-moderated, meaning they will not be posted immediately.

For those of you subjected to previous personal attacks, my apologies for not doing this sooner. We will now return to a more civil discussion.

One thought on “New Comments Policy

  1. I’m glad you finally did this. The kids reading this (as well as the adults) deserve to be able to read and/or comment without being attacked. If these comments were all in the form of “discussions” that would be great. However, most seem like attacks and are irrelavent to the original topic.

    The trouble with the attacks is that there is one person claiming to know you, and work with you, yet hiding behind a made up name (since you don’t know anyone by the name he is using, that works at your company). Seems more like taunting which isn’t really “discussion”. Glad we won’t all have to endure any longer. However, if they are really willing to “discuss” they should own up to who they really are, or just go away… stop hiding and being a hypocrit (a title much worse than any other group that is discussed here).

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