The End of an Era

Life is a series of transitions, especially between parents and children. There are big transitions such as the three major stages of parent/child relationships. The child idolizes the parent, then despises the parent, then becomes the parent. There are smaller transitions, such as using the potty independently, getting on the school bus, and first dates. Today probably falls in the latter category for me, but is significant nonetheless.

Today my boys crushed me at the game Risk. We’ve been playing this for about 6 years now (no, not continuously), and this is the first time I’ve failed to conquer the world, despite my best efforts. I’m proud of them, and they are more than a little proud of themselves. They played their strategies well. I had a definitive lead at one point, but they turned the tide on me. They allied when it made sense and attacked from positions of strength without over-extending themselves. The students are on a path to become the masters.

This is as it should be. I’ve never been happier to lose.

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