Tea, Earl Grey, Hot

I’m remembering why I like working out of my home office so much. Oh sure, there’s the perks like not showering until lunchtime, and not having to wend my way twixt the construction constipated traffic. But mostly it’s because at home I have a really good chance of drinking the coffee I make.

Here in the office, I frequently have to make three or four pots during the day to get my two lousy mug-fulls. There are not particularly complicated rules to office coffee pot etiquette. If there’s not a full mug of coffee left in the pot, make a fresh one. But if everyone here is ostensibly living by those rules, then I suspect I’m really supposed to have a shot glass for a coffee cup as that’s all too frequently about all the liquid left in the pot.

Further, there must be quite a number of people who assume the coffee maker is akin to the Star Trek food replicators. They just show up, and coffee is magically available for them. If they walk by and the pot is empty, they just assume Geordi will send someone up to fix it and go on their way. I wish I knew who they were as I’d like to warm their mug with a hand phaser.

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