4 thoughts on “If This Product Succeeds, The Terrorists Have Won

  1. nicee… thats great… 🙂
    e-mail isn’t working so i just wanted to say hi to everyone… see you all soon!

  2. Speaking of Toilet tissue, make sure to pick up a copy of Richard Dawkin’s “The God Delusion” or Christopher Hitchen’s “God is not great: How religion poisons everything” – perfect bathroom reading as the pages are appropriate for use in the bathroom after reading.

  3. To “Anonymous”:
    – just curious… have you actually read any of the referenced books? Do you know anyone who has personally read them? While recognizing that atheists are an affront to your gentle sensibilities, at least most of us have studied your doctrines. Might you say the same? It’s also important to note that atheists don’t have a central philosophy, so if your implication is that I must agree with these guys as we are all atheists, then you clearly understand very little of the world outside your own little domain.

    I’ve read excerpts of Hitchen’s work, and he’s a bit too radical for my tastes. (He falls into a camp known as “strong atheists”.) But I do think some of his arguments are good food for thought and rational discourse. Too bad you aren’t equipped to engage.

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