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Don’t get me wrong… I’ve shed as many tears as anyone while watching the news of the shootings at VT. And, I’m horrified about it. But I had the news on most all day today and there was not ONE word about the fact that the Supreme Court upheld the partial birth abortion law that Bush put in place. We are one step closer to them feeling that they can overturn Roe v. Wade and women will loose their right to control their own bodies. This is just what every Christian and right wing republican has been waiting for. They will feel they are one step closer… and I’m sure they are. However, it wasn’t even news today. I have to ask myself why that was the case. I’m disgusted at both of these incidents, but both are very news worthy. Maybe the republicans are happy to just quietly let it have happened and hope that everyone is so wrapped up in the shooting stories, that they won’t notice how much closer we are to losing all our reproductive rights. Crazy…

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  1. I didn’t realize you were going to put this on your blog, but since you did, it might help people to note that contrary to popular opioning, not everyone that is pro-choice, is pro-abortion. I don’t believe in abortion. But, I also don’t believe anyone should tell me I can’t have one. If I did make that choice, I’d answer to God for it some day, not our admistration. This is a very news worthy story that was just brushed over yesterday. That is a shame. They should have given all sides ample time to speak their minds about it, but I’m sure a lot of people don’t want to hear what everyone has to say.

    On the same note, people on the news today were actually talking about how much of a shame it was that the storms of the past week were forgotten about as well and there was a lot of damage in those. I’m an avid watcher of CNN, but it’s crazy to get hung up on only one thing all day long, when there are many issues to talk about and debate. I even heard the kids at VT this morning saying they don’t want to hear about the details of this crazy man… it’s only giving him exactly what he wanted. I will never forget what happened on Monday, as a lot of people won’t. But let’s now make it about the people who’s lives were lost, not about the crazy person that wanted to be so well known for it… and certainly not about who should sue the school for not doing enough. All that is loosing the point of the tragedy and we shouldn’t do that.

    Enough ranting…

  2. I agree with your position on the partial abortion ban being upheld by the Supreme Court. One further observation, however. This may be the new hot issue initiated by Karl Rove and company to get those 4 million evangelicals who stayed away from the polls in 2000 back again to the polls in 2008. In 2004 they became politically active and went to the polls in droves due to making the Federal Marriage Amendment a hot topic in many states. The gay marriage issue may well have begun to run its course and said company felt something new was needed. The two issues sure to motivate the far right electorate politically are homosexuality and abortion.
    Is this a great country or what?

  3. I agree completely. And, it’s a sad country when those are the topics that get people to vote. Those are the topics that shouldn’t even be addressed at that level. People “should” care more about foreign policy, economics, education, etc. But, most people would have to be able to talk intelligently about those topics to speak about politics. So, when all else fails and they can’t, the personally emotional ones have to come in to play for them. Very sad…


  4. ROFLMAO! You people live in such a vacuum! I am sending your blog address to all my friends for the entertainment value … I haven’t laughed this hard since “An inconvenient Truth” .. AMFYOYO

  5. While you are certainly capable of being derisive, do you have a cogent point to make?

    This blog is always open to alternate points of view, and certainly your friends are welcome to read. However, perhaps you could reserve the particularly colorful language (even in acronym form) for church?

  6. WOW! I’m laughing hard now, but AT the anonymous blogger. Obviously their values are a bit skewed. I thought there was a nice debate over what should be a woman’s choice and how they deal with it with their GOD. But apparently, no one should really have any thoughts unless they are in direct line with that bloggers thoughts. God forbid there is individualism in the world. We apparently must all confirm to his/her thinking or be laughed at and dismissed as stupid. Obviously a person in agreement with all of our current Administrations thinking. As a Christian, I’d say “God bless him/her… they need it more than we do”.

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