Kids Say the Darndest Things

My nascent teenager was enjoying racing the old man on Playstation NASCAR, mostly because he was kicking my butt. But at least we were doing something together, an increasingly rare event as he gets to “that age”. So I take my moments when I can get them, even if they are at my own expense.

As consolation for my mediocre driving, the in-game color commentator provides friendly barbs and jibes as I bounce my car off the guard rails. It’s kinda cute, but after you’ve been called “Sunday drivin’ Grandma” a few times, or hear him wonder aloud, “Do you think he knows the car has 4 gears?” it does wear on you a bit. Allegedly, he also makes positive comments as well. I usually hear them only as junior makes a smooth move to zip by the competition. At one point, he cuts to the inside to execute a pass, and the guy says, “He’s got savoir faire.” But I drove off the road (again) when I heard my boy mumble, “Yup, I’ve got several pair.”

I can only assume he was thinking socks.

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