The Blasphemy Challenge

We are not alone. Two people have begun the Rational Response Squad movement to raise awareness about atheism. There are elements of this which are long overdue. They are right, that atheists are currently fair game. They do not garner the respect afforded gays, Hispanics, or even Muslims. Hell, Bush Sr. stated that he didn’t believe atheists should be citizens and certainly weren’t patriots. After all, this is one nation under God. You have to go aways to find a group so irrelevant that a campaigning politician will openly strafe them. However, in fairness, we are hardly the last minority.

I think the education of the American people that atheists are just normal people who have a different (in this case absent) view of religion is a useful step. We are not immoral anarchists. Although, I’m not sure I can really get behind The Blasphemy Challenge. It is getting attention (and that seems to be 80% of its goal), but if we are going to get respect for our view, it will not be achieved by disrespecting other religions. This is not about de-godding the theists. It’s about acceptance and respect. Or at least it should be.

One thought on “The Blasphemy Challenge

  1. Apparently citizens of Massachusetts should not partake in The Blasphemy Challenge under penalty of law:


    Chapter 272: Section 36. Blasphemy

    Section 36. Whoever wilfully blasphemes the holy name of God by denying, cursing or contumeliously reproaching God, his creation, government or final judging of the world, or by cursing or contumeliously reproaching Jesus Christ or the Holy Ghost, or by cursing or contumeliously reproaching or exposing to contempt and ridicule, the holy word of God contained in the holy scriptures shall be punished by imprisonment in jail for not more than one year or by a fine of not more than three hundred dollars, and may also be bound to good behavior.

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