The Great Train Robbery

It was the dang strangest thing you ever did saw. The kids was headed to Carter Station on the 12:30 out of Thendara.

When SUDDENLY!! The Loomis Gang came riding up and boarded the train with guns blazing.

Before the fight even began, Daisy preemptively surrendered. You can never be too careful.

Not to fear though, they got their comeuppance when Bob lifted a C-note from one of them no good bad guys while Two-Tone distracted him.

Then for no apparent reason, a saloon girl strolled down the aisle and dropped her cute self in Lenny’s lap.

It’s not obvious why she’s riding with the Loomis’, or how she boarded a moving train in 3″ heels, but rest assured that Lenny will get to the bottom of the mystery. He’s that kind of guy.

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