Spa’d On

We just returned from a wonderfully relaxing couple of days at a spa. It was my first experience at such a place, and while it lived up to every expectation, two days was plenty.

The atmosphere was amazingly serene. This extended right to the tone of voice that every staff person used when they spoke to you. There was gentle soothing music or sounds in the background everywhere. The pace was slow. I pondered what it must be like to work in such an environment. Did these people ever have a bad day at work? And what would constitute that?

There were ample places to relax both in and out of the room. Places to soak in warm water. Places to have people rub out tensioned muscles. Quiet rooms with napping places, foot baths, herbal teas, and cucumber water.

Perhaps one of the oddest things was that packing for the trip turned out to be unnecessary. Upon arrival you are given this thick terrycloth robe and slippers, which you are encouraged to wear everywhere – even to the restaurant for lunch. And everybody does.

All in all, it was a rewarding and rejuvenating experience. I recommend it highly. But a day or two is really enough. After a fashion, you actually get restless for a little “something”. Oh, and don’t go to a spa if you’re hungry. We lunched on a featured 3-course meal one day, and while the food was excellent, it was, shall we say, less than filling. I had a small salad, two raviolis, and a piece of beef so tiny that I’m pretty sure the donor cow would not have qualified for workman’s compensation following its removal. I suppose the good news is that it’s unusual to go on a vacation where you do absolutely nothing and don’t gain any weight. This one qualifies.

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