Cheney Escalates War on Lawyers

You can’t make this stuff up. It was disclosed that Cheney bagged a lawyer over the weekend. He is apparently being issued a citation for hunting without the proper game stamp on his license. This is the first I’ve heard that you can get a permit to hunt lawyers, but it is Texas, so not much should leave my jaw agape.

Cheney and his traveling medical E.R. team went to a “hunting ranch” where they participated in the “sport”. The ranch releases pen raised quail from coops so that old men can drive up in cars and shoot them from 30 yards away. If this is sport, then I went to Wegman’s and felled a pork roast last week. It’s amazing they give them actual guns. And maybe after this, they won’t.

It is tempting to suspect foul (fowl?) play here. But I’m pretty sure this was really an accident. I believe if Cheney wanted somebody hurt or killed that he has people that would accomplish that without making the news.

Note, this makes Cheney the first sitting V.P. to shoot another man since Alexander Hamilton. Traitors, quail, what’s the difference?

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