Bump & Grind

It was a good day in the shop today.

It all started because the cub scouts have a “raingutter regatta” coming up. They all need to build small sailboats and huff and puff them down a race course. Whichever dad’s kid puffs his boat true and quickest, wins.

But it’s not just about the boat. The boats are displayed at the event, and with the keel and rudder under them they need a stand to look their best. So the boys and I spent today designing and building parts so our den’s boys could build some cool industrial looking metal boat stands next week.

It was cool as both boys were engaged in the process. They learned to cut, bend, and grind metal. They learned how to use new tools, and they seemed to really enjoy it.

No fingers were lost in the process, but Douq did get a head lump from standing up under a door. He took it well. However, I am blaming the whack on the head for him calling the bench grinder the “wheel thingy mcbob”.

So I guess there’s still work to do…

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