Breakfast Epiphany

I noticed at breakfast this morning that the box of Frosted Mini-Wheats had a big warning on the side: THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS WHEAT. This is about as helpful as a warning sign next to the pool saying that occupants may get wet. I’m assuming this is just to be sure that no one who is allergic to wheat inadvertently chows down on the obscurely named Frosted Mini-Wheats. But I’m curious why there is no warning to diabetics that this product contains a coma inducing amount of sugar. I guess maybe diabetics are just smarter than people with wheat allergies? Either that or there are more lawyers with allergies.

Let’s face it, if you are deathly allergic to wheat and are scouring the side panel of a box labeled Frosted Mini-Wheats to see if it might contain wheat, you’ve long sense been killed by a Pop-Tart.

Now I need to check if Wheat Thins have a label. And I wonder if there’s a sign as you enter Kansas?

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